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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing farm application accord

Okay so today's webinar is going to be going over the Accord 125 this Accord form is the form that that is sent in with all Accord applications and all commercial and submissions now one thing that I want to clarify is through access plus we don't accept the BOP 160 form and the reason why is because even though you'd think that you know it says Bop all BOP should be covered unfortunately it doesn't have enough information on there what happens is we always end up getting more questions that we have to ask and then just takes a lot longer to go back and forth with the agent to get all the questions asked so what we do is we actually always complete the Accord 125 in fact I've even created a little email that I'm willing to send anyone who's interested in it just send me an email if you'd you'd like to get it but what I did was I put together in a chord form guide here where it just basically says on the commercial application you always fill out the 125 and then you just add the line of business that you also want included on the quote you know so based on which type of you know coverages you need you just add those Accord forms and then in the email I also include some examples and some highlighted versions that have the sections highlighted that you need to complete in order to get a quote so if anyone's interested in that just let me know and I can send you over this email but as I mentioned before the 125 you always fill that out it's kind of like the general information for all commercial lines quotes so this is obviously a good good webinar to be on so close that out and we'll go ahead and get started I'm just going to kind of fly through the easy stuff here see I think today's the ninth when you're submitting through access plus you can leave the agency part blank obviously if you're sending them to your own direct carriers though you'd fill this out with your agency information on this stuff you can only blank we're going to quote this risk obviously and then basically this part here you just think like just check the boxes of the sections that you have that you're going to attach to the email so for example if you have let's say you know business auto and commercial general liability and property coverage you just check those boxes for some reason and let's say to added it yeah they still don't have a work comp on here which i think is weird so you would just add that in here unless I'm missing it but you just add those okay then if there's anything that you're going to attach you would just check those boxes here okay in this case I'm not really going to go into all that let's just say that we also have for example a driver information schedule okay um but that's pretty much it if you have a picture you can obviously check this box and pictures okay all right I'm going to scroll down that top part is pretty easy down here's where we get a little bit more questions usually obviously we want to have the effective date I'm going to say...